Requirements for Freshmen Scholarships

Students who wish to apply must passed the following qualifications:

  • CSAT result of 70% (national norm) / 84% (local norm) or better
  • General average of 88 or better from First year to Fourth year
  • Belongs to the top 10% of the graduating batch

Once qualified, applicants should submit the following requirements on the date specified by ASAO:

The qualified applicants will undergo an on-the-spot written composition in English & personal interview the scholarship officer.


Student Assistanceship Program

The Student Assistanceship Program is open to undergraduate students with the desire and dedication to finish their studies.  The applicant must have a minimum of one year residence at the university, with an average grade of 3.0 (80), must not have any failing grade in any course taken for 2 previous semester prior to the time of application, parent’s gross annual income should not exceed P150,000 and does not avail of any scholarship grant, either internally or externally funded.

Applicants should submit the following requirements to the Scholarships Officer:

  • Application Form for the Student Assistanceship Program
  • Letter of need signed by the parents & the student
  • Income tax return of the applicant’s parents;
  • Recommendation from the Guidance and Evaluation Center
  • Grades for two semesters
  • 1 pc 2x2 recent ID picture

Grantees are required to render at least twenty hours of service per week at assigned offices and are entitled to take up to 21 units for regular semester and 6 units for summer. 


Other Scholarship Grants

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP PD 577)

Dependents of military personnel who died or became incapacitated in the line of duty are granted 100% discount on tuition. Qualified applicants are granted tuition discount based on availability of slots and has passed the admission requirements of the university.

Athletic Grants

Grantee enjoys full or partial discount on tuition and miscellaneous fee up to 21 units Grantees are recommended by the Varsity Sports Office (VSO).

Cultural Grants

This may be availed of by the members of the University Chorale, Jean Baptiste Dance Company (JBDC), Maskara Theatre Ensemble, Musikat, Production Support Group (PSG), Grupos Letras Y Figuras (GLYF), Ritmo Verde and Vivace. Specific tuition and miscellaneous fee discounts up to 21 units may be awarded to grantees recommended by the Cultural and Performing Arts Center Office (CAPC).

Animo Cheerforce Grants

This may be availed of by the members of Animo Cheerforce Force. Specific tuition and miscellaneous fee discounts may be awarded to grantees recommended by the Animo Cheerforce Moderator.

Tuition Aid

This may be availed of by full time permanent employees and part-time faculty who serve the university.  Criteria for availment of this benefit may be found in the Personnel Manual provided by the Human Resource Development Services Office.

Student Service Grants

This may be availed by the three University Student Government (USG) Executive Officers. These are the executive President, Executive Vice President and Executive Treasurer. All are enjoying a full tuition fee discount. Endorsement Letter is provided by the Director of  Student’s Affairs Office (OSA).