1st Bakunawa Film Fest awards student-filmmakers

By Mark Raymund Garcia On Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peque Gallaga; Photo by The Spectrum

The best Lasallian student filmmakers were named in the first Bakunawa Film Festival at the Mutien Marie Auditorium A, May 21.

Twelve short films of Communications and Interdisciplinary Studies students joined the film fest; the entries were Panaghoy, Reverie, Transient, the Desperation of Faustus, Pinalian sa Retrato, Silong, La Pelikula, Epekto, Evading Charlie, Yuhom, Espiyo, and Paghinumdom.

“Reverie” was named as the best film of the festival as it also received awards in editing, cinematography, screenplay, production design and use of music.

The film also grabbed the Best Director, Best Actress, and Special Citation for the voice actor of the film.

“I am so glad that I was given the chance to show my skills and I am thankful that it was really seen by the judges”, Angelica Pavillar, Director of Reverie said.

Following “Reverie” was “Yuhom” that earned the Best Supporting Actress award and Special Grand Jury Citation for the child actor of the film.

“Transient”, another entry by the Pavillar’s group, also won the Best Actor and Supporting Actor awards.

Evading Charlie grabbed the Best Sound award.

Films were judged by actress Angel Aquino, local film maker Jay Abello, Canadian Actress and film maker Talia Pura, director Lorie Reyes and award-winning director Peque Gallaga as head of the jury members.

“It’s important that we tell our stories not just because it’s a requirement but it is a form of art and film making is one of the means of doing it,” Peque Gallaga said.

Steven Asaph Reasol was also awarded as the Most Consistent Film maker of the summer class “for giving best outputs during film making activities”.

The films were the final outputs of the students who took Film Production and Visual Design classes initiated by the Artist’s Hub of USLS as part of the annual Negros Summer Workshop.

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