CHED-Mandated Moratorium on Field Trips and Other Similar Activities

By Office of the President On Wednesday, March 1, 2017

All trips planned by the University of St. La Salle Higher Education Units that fall within the categories therein described are henceforth suspended or deferred until the lifting of the moratorium, following the issuance of CHED Memorandum from the Chairperson Dr. Patricia Licuanan on February 21, 2017, with subject “Imposition of Moratorium on Field Trips and other similar Activities Covered under CHED Memorandum No. 17 Series of 2012… ,” (copy attached).

For those that will be adversely affected by the Moratorium, issued by CHED by virtue of Republic Act (RA) No. 7722, which is described as "a moratorium on the conduct of all field trips and external campus activities in all public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEI)", the pertinent Colleges, Professional Schools, units under the AVC-ICELL and all other lead Offices and personnel are hereby enjoined to develop and submit contingency and /or alternative / substitute plans plans (e.g. rescheduling, alternative activities, change of venues, etc.) to the VCAA as soon as possible, for immediate evaluation and processing.1

For further clarification, please confer with the VCAA or the Compliance Officer.

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Please be guided accordingly.


1 As the CHED memorandum declares in part, “ … all HEI’s should institute replacement activities in lieu of field trips or external campus activities, that will serve the purpose intended by such off-campus activities, preserve the objectives sought to be achieved, and see to it that no student shall be negatively affected by this moratorium."