Program Objectives

  • Acquire a broad knowledge and understanding of the business profession;
  • Gain basic skills required in the effective practice of the business profession;
  • Develop Christian values of concern for others as basic to his personal and professional commitment;
  • Attain adequate theoretical and experience--based knowledge in his chosen area of specialization to make him a responsible and contributing member of society; and
  • Acquire a life-long desire for constant learning and personal and professional growth.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Science
    • Accountancy with NIAT Certificate in Bookkeeping
    • Accounting Technology with NIAT Certificate in Bookkeeping
    • Agribusiness
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Hospitality Management
    • Real Estate Management
    • Tourism Management
    • Business Administration
      1. Business Economics
      2. Marketing Management
      3. Marketing Management with Certificate in Entrepreneurship
      4. Operations Management
      5. Operations Management with Certificate in Human Resource Management

      Graduate Programs

      • Master in
        • Business Administration
      • Doctor of Philosophy
        • Business Management