La Salle Bacolod was founded in 1952. A year after, the parents requested that the high school department be opened. Thus, on February 9, 1953, cement footings were poured for the first high school building to be used for the next forty one (41) years. The library then was named Handumanan Library. The initial collection was 1,000 volumes of books. In June 1994, a three-storey fully air conditioned high school building was built, totally separated from the college department.

In the summer of 1995, the library collections, facilities and resources were transferred to the ground floor of the new high school building.

In the same year, through the generous effort of the Brother President, Bro. Rolando R. Dizon, FSC, and his brother Mr. Raymundo Dizon Jr. then the mayor of Bacolod City, donated a colored photocopier to improve the library services in response to the demand of the clientele. Aside from the photocopier, Mayor Dizon also contributed an amount for the development of the library facilities. After the death of Mayor Dizon on October 25, 1995, the University President, Br. Rolando Dizon, Jr., FSC declared that the name of the high school library be changed in honor of the late Raymundo Dizon Jr. Thus, on January 23, 1996, the high school library was officially named Raymundo Dizon Jr. (RDJ) Library.

In the summer of 1996, a mezzanine floor that now houses the library stockroom was constructed. Below the mezzanine floor, a Cybernook section was built to house computer units for the use of high school students.

In school year 1996-1997, the RDJ Library became the first high school library in the Philippines to be hooked to the INTERNET. In the same year, new library services such as power point presentation, use of CD-ROM, net surfing, and free email were introduced to the faculty and students.

To accommodate the increasing number of computer units and cybernook users, another mezzanine floor was constructed on December 21, 1998 to provide a bigger cybernook space. The cybernook was blessed and was fully functional on January 26, 1999. Tthe old cybernook area was transformed into the Faculty Reading Section.

In school year 1999-2001, the RDJ Library continued its development program by expanding and maintaining the INTERNET services for the different offices of the Integrated School. The following school year, an additional air conditioning unit was installed and the old wooden chairs were replaced by new monoblock chairs to make the library more comfortable and more conducive for learning and research.

In school year 2002-2003, through the help of the University Librarian, Mrs. Henie Gonzales, the American Studies Corner was created as an extension of the American Studies Center of the University to promote deeper understanding of American life and culture among Filipino teachers and students, and for Negrenses, in particular.

The growing demand for library automation paved the way for the acquisition of additional computer units, printers, and other equipment. Hence, in September 2004, through the collaboration of the University Librarian and the technical staff, the high school library was equipped with new library application software. The Library Corporation (TLC) barcoding and computerized cataloguing started right after the installation. Additional air conditioning units were also installed to improve the ventilation of the library, and the renovation of the old furniture and the construction of the new book shelves went underway.

In June of S.Y. 2005-2006, the Automated Circulation System was fully implemented. For accessibility of library materials, the two stations of Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) were installed and the old wooden book shelves were eventually changed with the new angle bar book shelves.

In school year 2006-2007, the RDJ Library received a donation of two (2) units of eye cam from the high school Multimedia Center. With the  help of Mr. Arnel Cuaycong, the eye cams were installed inside the library.

In school year 2010-2011, Wi-Fi system was installed inside the library to meet the needs of the students and teachers with laptops and to support the new curricular framework Understanding by Design “UBD”.

In summer 2012, the emergency exit was constructed to provide access to the football field in case of emergency.

In June of school year 2012-2013, the control procedure was improved, from manual to computerized system. A barcode scanner was provided at the entrance. This enabled the librarirans to monitor the number of library users. Students and faculty members have to scan their ID upon entering the library.

In summer 2013, the library staff cleaned the stock room and the mezzanine floor of the Faculty Section. Volumes of discarded books were donated to identified recipients. Library walls and furniture were repainted and the old frames/decorations were removed.

In June 2013, a LiBrew Corner was created for professionals and a Mobile Periodical Service was introduced to bring the library closer to the teachers’ workplace.

In September of the same year, the USLS-IS underwent the 2nd Basic Education Accreditation. The previous recommendations for the Library and Audio-Visual Center were all implemented.

In October, 2015 a senior High Corner was created as an extension library of the Senior High School.  New buil-in book shelves were fabricated to accommodate the increasing volumes of reference books.

In June 2016, the RDJ Library subscribed to Grolier Online to update the General Reference sources.

At present, the RDJ Library looks forward to more developments by upgrading the automation and the network system, the acquisition of online databases and the updating of collections in order to provide satisfactory service to the clientele, and the expansion of the RDJ library to provide a discussion room and group study area.



The RDJ Library envisions a systematic, innovative and service-oriented Learning Center with competent and compassionate personnel fully committed to service.


It seeks to provide comprehensive information for instruction, updated print and electronic resources, facilities and services to meet the research needs of the students, faculty and other members of the academic community in their quest for academic excellence and values formation. 



In general, the RDJ Library attempts to:

  • Assist effectively in the implementation of the instructional program and activities of the school as it strives to meet the ducational demand of the students and teachers through its educational resources and services.
  • Improve and sustain the reading habits of the Academic Community especially the students so that they may grow in critical judgement and appreciation
  • Provide a comfortable and conducive place for learning and research.

Specifically, the RDJ Library endeavors to:

  • Acquire updated instructional and reading materials to supplement and complement instruction.
  • Work extensively with the library and administrative staff on the improvement of facilities and services.
  • Serve maximally the needs of the students and faculty through its learning resources and services.

University of St. La Salle Integrated School Library