In June 1952, the La Salle Brothers came to Bacolod City in response to the appeal of the Negrenses who felt that there was a need for the kind of education given by the La Salle Brothers.

     Through the donation of a ten-hectare lot by the late Alfredo Montelibano Sr., former governor of the province of Negros Occidental, the establishment of what is known as the University of St. La Salle Become a reality.

     Elementary classes were first opened in July 1952 with 189 students ranging from prep to Grade 5, a faculty of seven teachers, with only eight classrooms. Three of the faculty members were Bro. Dennis of Mary, Bro. Hugh Wester, Bro. Felix Masson. A fourth Brother, Brother Gratian of Mary; was added in September of the same year. Bro. Gratian remembers. “… All that we had were just books and plenty of mud.”

     The boarder’s dormitory was built and later converted into the main library and projection room. In spite of inadequate budget, the library gave satisfactory service to students. Year after year, the library expanded physically and hundreds and hundreds of volumes of print and non-print materials were added to the collection to meet the growing needs of the academic community.

     Many changes have taken place since our creative, innovative, and hardworking president, Bro. Gus Boquer, FSC and the principal of the Integrated School, Dr. Myrna Juplo have assumed office. A Grade School Educational Media Center was reorganized and divided into the Letty L. Montelibano Library and the Audio-Visual Center. The face lifting of the Education Media Center (EMC) summer of 2003 includes the expansion of the library area and the relocation of the audio-visual room (AVR).

     The Library purchased more library materials and received donations from the La Salle Brothers, Tita Letty L. Montelibano, teachers, students and parents.

     In School Year 2009-2010, changes in technology made the LLM library to continue to improve its services with the help of the University librarian, the LLM library was installed with the Library application software, The Library Corporation (TLC)”.

     In School Year 2010-2011, bar coding and online cataloging started. The Library’s services and programs were also evaluated to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and services of both GS and HS libraries and AV Centers.

     In School Year 2011-2012, realizing the need to organize the non-print material, the multimedia center also adopted the TLC Library system in their cataloging and borrowing of materials.

     In School year 2012-2013, the automated entrance control system was developed. Students and faculty members scan their I.D’s when they enter the library. This system enabled librarians to monitor the number of library users.

     In School Year 2013-2014, the Mobile Periodicals Service was launched at the same time, additional service was conceptualized the LIBREW corner where faculty and staff can have their coffee break while reading books and periodicals.

The Lower Grades Library was named after the late Mrs. Leticia Ledesma Montelibano, the wife of the late governor of Negros Occidental Alfredo Montelibano Sr.

Tita Letty, a Christian lady par-excellence whose genuine love takes us to our quest for learning. 



The LLM Library envisions a systematic, innovative and service-oriented Learning Center with competent and compassionate personnel fully commited to service.


It seeks to provide comprehensive information for instruction, updated print and electronic resources, facilities and services to meet the research needs of the students, faculty and other members of the academic community in their quest for academic excellence and value formation.



In general, the LLM Library attempts:

  1. Assist effectively in the implementation of the instructional program and activities of the school as it strives to meet the educational demand of the students and teachers through its educational resources and servicews.
  2. Improve and sustain the reading habits of the academic community especially the students so that they may grow in critical judgement and appreciation.
  3. Provide a comfortable and conducive place for learning and research.

Specifically, the LLM endeavors to:

  1. Acquire updated instructional and reading materials to supplement and complement instruction.
  2. Work extensively with the library and administrative staff on the improvement of facilities and services.
  3. Serve maximally the needs of the students and faculty through its learning resources and services. 

University of St. La Salle Integrated School Library