1. Geral Reference Section-   This includes encyclopedias, almanacs, handbooks, yearbooks, world records, atlases, dictionaries and reading materials comprehensively written with reference value.

  2. Filipiniana Section -  This includes reading materials about the Philippines and the Filipino people, books written by Filipino authors and books published in the Philippines.
  3. Non-Filipiniana/General Circulation Section -   This includes reading materials written by non-Filipino authors, books about foreign countries, and books published outside the Philippines.
  4. Fiction Section -   Fictitious literature, novels and bestseller books that are imaginary in nature which are frequently read by both faculty and students are found in this section.
  5. Faculty Section -  Faculty section includes professional books and periodicals which help the teachers keep abreast of the innovations in their field
  6. American Studies Collection -  American Studies collection is the extension of the University Library’s American Studies Center. This includes books, pamphlets, brochures, magazines, journals and other printed materials about the United States of America.
  7. Lasalliana  Collection -  Lasalliana Collection is one of the special collections in the RDJ Library. This includes reading materials about St. John Baptist De La Salle, books about the Lasallian Community, reading materials authored and published by the La Salle Brothers/La Salle Schools and by the Lasallian teachers/faculty members. The USLS-IS yearbooks are also part of the collection
  8. Negrosiana Collection -This includes local history materials such as History of Bacolod City, History of Negros and other reading materials that provide information about the people, culture, cities and towns of Negros province.
  9. Circulation Counter/Reserve Section- This provides materials for borrowing and returning of library materials, book reservation, supervised class research and updating of library statistics. Reserved books can also be found in this section.
  10. Periodicals Section -  Newspapers, magazines, journals, bound periodicals, pamphlets, brochures and vertical file materials are found in this section.
  11. Cybernook  - The Cybernook is located at the mezzanine floor of the RDJ Library with thirty five (35) computer working stations connected to the Internet. It provides automated and electronic services to the academic community.
  12. New Arrivals Corner- The new arrivals and newly-processed books ready for circulation are displayed in this small corner. Library updates and newsletters are also posted in this area.
  13. Stock Room - Stock room is located at the mezzanine floor of the Librarian’s Office. It is a depository of discarded library materials.
  14. LiBrew Corner- LiBrew Corner is situated at the mezzanine floor the Faculty section which holds the professional fiction and professional magazines/journals. In this corner, the faculty and staff members may enjoy drinking coffee while reading.


To make the library resources and facilities readily available to the academic community, the RDJ Library has opted to use the open shelf system.


The Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) is used in classifying books in the library. 

Books are classified according to the ten major divisions:

000-099 - General Works (Gen. Encyclopedia, Computer Language, Research, Bibliography & Humanities)

100-199 - Philosophy & Psychology

200-299 - Religion (Christian Living & Values Education)

300-399 - Social Sciences (Philippine Constitution & Social Issues)

400-499 - Languages (Filipino & English Grammar, French, German, etc.)

500-599 - Pure Sciences (Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

600-699 -  Applied Sciences (Practical Arts/Home Economics & Physical Fitness)

700-799 -  Arts (Music, Dance & Sports)

800-899 -  Literature (Philippine, Asian, Afro-Asian & World Literature)

900-999 -  History (Philippine, Asian, American, World History, Geography, & Travel)


Location Symbols/Indicators

           To guide the users in locating the materials, the RDJ Library uses the following indicators: 

            ASRC                   American Studies

           G-Ref                   General Reference

           Fil                          Filipiniana

           Fil-F                       Filipiniana-Fiction

           Fil-R                       Filipiniana  Reference

          FAC                         Faculty

          FAC-F                      Faculty Fiction

          FAC-FIL                   Faculty Filipiniana

          F                              Fiction

         LS                             Lasallianan

          N                              Negrosiana

          P                              Bound Periodicals

          FILTXT                    Filipinianan Textbook

          (No Indicator)         Non-Filipiniana


         The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is a computer-based catalog through which library users can access the materials using computer terminals. It guides the users to find out what the library has, where and how to locate the materials. 


The library keeps its own Index to Periodicals of general readership as well as those articles that are useful to high school students, faculty, and the academic community. SUBJECT entries are arranged in alphabetical order in the filing tray.


University of St. La Salle Integrated School Library