1. General Reference Section - This section includes encyclopedias, almanacs, handbooks, yearbooks, world records, atlases, dictionaries and reading materials comprehensively written with reference value.
  2. Filipiniana Section - This includes reading materials about the Philippines and the Filipino people, books written by Filipino authors and books published in the Philippines.
  3. Non-Filipiniana/ General Circulation Section - This includes reading materials written by non-Filipino authors, books about foreign countries, and books published outside the Philippines
  4. Fiction Section - Fictitious literature, novels and books that are imaginary in nature which are frequently borrowed by both faculty and students. The library’s wide collection of fiction books are arranged according to authos’ names but are grouped together by subject.
  5. Circulation Counter - This area is for loaning and returning of library materials. Reservation of the library and scheduling for supervised class research are also done in this section.
  6. Periodicals and LIBREW Section - newspapers, magazines and journals are found in this section and faculty members can drink coffee in this area while reading books and periodicals.
  7. Vertical File - located in the Filipiniana section, it is composed of clipped periodicals arrange alphabetically by subject. It also includes brochures, pamphlets that can provide ideas on current information.
  8. Faculty Section - This section includes professional books including teaching guides, manuals, review materials, and other supplementary readings for classroom teaching.
  9. Cyber Nook - is located near the periodicals section with 15 computer stations with internet. It provides automated and electronic services to the academic community; students, the faculty and staff.
  10. New Arrivals Corner - The new arrivals and newly processed books are displayed in these areas.
  11. Disney Corner- designed for the reading needs of Prep to Grade 3 pupils. Various kinds of picture books are found in this area. This area can be used for story-telling of teachers.
  12. Hobbies and Interest Nook - This section can be found at the charging counter. The different collections in this area vary depending on the different interests of readers of readers. Reading materials in this section can be borrowed only after class hours.
  13. Science Research Associates (SRA) Section - Used by reading classes in different grade levels these materials are deposited in one of the shelves in the general circulation section.
  14. Technical Section - this section is for processing of the newly acquired materials of the LLM library. (Cataloging and classification, indexing of periodicals, covering of books, etc.) Books for repair can also be found in this section.
  15. Stock Room - Stock room is used as a depository of discarded library materials.



The LLM Library & Multimedia Center is using the open shelf system in which library costumers has open access to its resources.


The Dewey Decimal System is used in classifying print and non-print materials.

The Dewey Decimal System

000-099   General Works, Books about books and things in encyclopedias, almanacs, etc.

100-199   Philosophy Opinions- especially about behaviour and conduct

200-299   Religion Bible and mythology

300-399   Social Science Community trade, travel, costumes, holidays, tales social studies

400-499   Language Grammar, dictionaries

500-599   Science Earth, plants, animals, biology, weather. Birds, math, etc.

600-699   Useful Arts Radio, space flight, cooking

700-799   Fine Arts Painting, music, recreation

800-899   Literature, Poetry, Plays

900-999   History, Geography, travel, biography, 


The card catalog is a guide to all books and materials in the library. It is an index to the total library collection. The card catalog is located near the exit door of the library. Books are reperesented by a “3x5” index card filed and arranged alphabetically  by author, title and subject. 

University of St. La Salle Integrated School Library