Upper Grades Multimedia Center



The Upper Grades Multimedia Center provides the Upper Grades faculty members and the Integrated School academic community with multimedia resources and services to meet their instructional needs.


                A. SERVICES

                1. Photo and Video Documentation Coverage of School Activities

                2. Assistance to Classroom Instructional Presentation

                3. Online Daily Bulletin Reading

                4. Equipment and AV Materials Circulation

                5. Equipment Reservation

                6. Previewing

                7. Maintenance of AV Equipment

                8. Assistance to Extra Curricular Activities

                9. Classroom Film Viewing

                10. Acquisition of Equipment and AV materials




Circulation Procedure:


  • Select AV materials/Equipment and present your ID.


  • Students are only allowed to borrow equipment during class hours.
  • Deposit your school ID when borrowing the equipment.
  • In case of loss or damage the homeroom should replace the damage/loss equipment.

Multimedia/Powerpoint Presentations (Standard Operating Procedure)

   On teachers’ presentations:

  • Borrow the VGA Cord and Remote Control at the office and deposit your school ID.

On students’ presentations/report:

  • Borrow the VGA Cord and Remote Control and deposit your school ID at the office.

Video Documentation Coverage Guidelines   

  • Video documentation of activities is limited to school functions only.
  • Requests shall be made 3 days before the target date of the activity.
  • The necessary forms should be filled out by the requesting unit/person and must be approved by the Level Vice Principal (for the Extra-curricular Activities) or Vice Principals for Academics (for the Academic Activities).
  • A copy of the program of activities must be submitted to the Multi Media Center.
  • The coverage shall be done only during office hours. (No service of coverage at night time, Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Special coverage shall be done during official school activities (Spirit Night, Birthday Bash, Graduation Rites, Tribute to Parents and other activities as assigned by the Administration).
  • The finished product of the film will become the property of the Multi Media Center. However, if the organizers want to have their own copy, they shall make arrangement with the AV in charge.
  • Multer Production equipment is exclusively used for the Integrated School.
  • Documentations shall be manned by the Multer Productions, Student Volunteers, and Multer Assistants.


MULTER Production (Multimedia Center Productions)

An extra-curricular school organization composed of selected students who meet the qualifications/criteria to assist the Multimedia Center, render services to the school through documentation/filming of school activities (curricular and extracurricular) as well as enhance and enrich the students’ skills and talents in multimedia productions.


  • A member must have a personal video camera or a digital camera the use of which he/she is willing to share with the center.
  • Has the knowledge and skills on filming and photography.
  • Must have an above satisfactory deportment and academic record.
  • Must be willing to invest time for filming and photography.

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