Book Circulation - This service allows users to borrow library books for a specific time. The following materials are available for borrowing and photocopying; General   References, Reserve, Professional, Circulation, Disney Collection and Filipiniana Books.

Cataloging and Classification - Books are properly catalogued before they are circulated for easy access and organization of such materials. A card catalog and Online Access Catalog (OPAC) are provided for this purpose.

Current Awareness Service- This service is provided to ensure that library users are kept up-to-date with library information useful in their quest for learning.

List of New Acquisitions- in bibliographic form is provided on a monthly basis and posted inside the library and in the different faculty rooms.

Bulletin Board - library bulletin board is updated mothly to keep users up to date with schools monthly theme and library activities.

Current Awareness Bulletin - The library staff inform the library users regarding the newly processed books ready for circulation, and other library updates through the IS Daily Bulletin.

Internet - to complement information from printed materials, the library have a cyber nook corner with 7 computer units (Students) and 1 unit (Faculty) to provide online resources.

Library Instruction - is an instructional program that promotes user education and information literacy. Library related talks are given to students designed to teach students library skills in coordination with the English/Reading department.

Orientation Services - faculty and students are given library orientation at the start of the school year.

Reservation Services

Library Materials - Enough copies of Bibles, dictionaries, and storybooks are available for classroom use. Teachers are requested to fill-our forms for materials to be used in the class.

In-House Training - the library is used as a venue for seminars, workshops and meetings.

Recall/Reminder Services - A recall slip is issued to request a teacher/student to return a book needed by another user, or to get the book/magazine he/she has reserved for. On the other hand, a reminder slip is given for an overdue book.

Supervised Class Research (SCR) - the library can accommodate two classes simultaneously for class research. Reservation with the librarian should be made one day before the needed class schedule.

Purchase/Duplication Services - faculty, staff, and students can request books for purchase and duplication by signing the Recommendation Form.

Recreation Reading - the library can accommodate one (1) class to do free reading and story-telling at the Disney Corner. 

University of St. La Salle Integrated School Library