1. Accomplish the following documents required by the Guidance Services Center:

a. Filled-up Application Form b. Letter of Recommendation c. Certified copy of Form 138 (Report Card) d. NSO Birth Certificate (2 pcs. photocopy) e. 2 pcs. 2x2 recent ID pictures

* For Foreign Students / Filipino Students 

From Abroad

a. Certificate of English Proficiency b. Certificate from the Bureau of Immigration (upon enrollment, when the student is accepted: b.1 Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR-I card)/Special Study Permit (SSP) b.2 Filipino Identification Certificate

2. Have satisfactory marks in all subjects

3. Have a satisfactory deportment grade

4. Be within the age group and the grade level one is applying for

5. Be able to successfully pass criteria set by the Admission Board


1. Students who were asked to withdraw from the school for academic reasons may be re-admitted after a year of studies in another school upon showing improved academic performance (an average of 85 percent and above) and after passing the Admission Test. A satisfactory Deportment grade is required.

Any lower grade student who skips grade 7 may be readmitted to the high school provided the student passes the criteria on admission and be placed with his/her batch level.

2. A student who voluntarily withdraws from USLS-IS for disciplinary reason may re-apply for admission provided the student has a satisfactory deportment grade, a good academic performance in his/her previous school and/or admission test, the application is subject to the evaluation of the Admission Board. Previous IS records of performance in both academics and deportment are considered vital in the evaluation of the returnee-applicant.


a. Must be 5 years old on or before June 30

b. Must have completed his/her kindergarten or its equivalent