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The Basic Education Unit of the University of St. La Salle (USLS-BEU) is dedicated to creating an inclusive and fair learning environment that empowers students with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Our admission and enrollment policy is meticulously crafted to establish transparent procedures, ensuring an equal playing field for all applicants. At USLS-BEU, we emphasize the importance of academic excellence, character development, and a strong commitment to community engagement.

Admission is open to students who exhibit a genuine passion for learning, a readiness to positively contribute to the school community, and a sincere desire to embrace the core values upheld by USLS-BEU. Our doors are open to students from various cultural, socio-economic, and academic backgrounds, reflecting our commitment to building a vibrant and enriching educational experience for everyone enrolled at USLS-BEU. We not only welcome but celebrate the diversity that each student brings, fostering a community where all can thrive academically and personally.



The applicant may qualify based on the minimum requirements:

A.1.  Admission Test and Grade Requirement

  • Must undergo the Admissions Test and Complete the Self-Directed Interview Form
  • Must have a General Average of at least 80 and above or its letter grade equivalent
  • Must not have a grade of below 80 or its equivalent in any subject including Conduct / Department
  • Must not be a repeater of the level applied for

A. 2.  Age Requirement for Pre-kinder and Kinder Applicants

  • Nursery applicants must be at least 4 years old by October 31, 2024*.
  • Kinder applicants must be at least 5 years old by October 31, 2024*.

Note: Cut-off date of Pre-kinder and Kinder age requirements is dependent on the school opening date. August 2024 is the projected opening of classes.


Placement decisions are made based on a combination of academic readiness, behavioral considerations, and availability of space in the desired grade level.


USLS - BEU is committed to providing support for students with special education needs. Parents/guardians of students with specific learning requirements are encouraged to discuss these needs during the application process through our Admission Committee.



STEP 1: Create an account via

  • Make sure that the email address used is valid and active
  • Choose the following Program Offerings:
  • Fill out and complete all required information (personal, educational, family, others)
  • Upload initial documents for verification (Birth Certificate and Certificate of Enrollment from current school)
  • Submit application.

Regular Programs

  • AC0 - Kindergarten
  • AC - Grade School
  • BC - Junior High School
  • BCAB - Academic Track Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
  • BCST - Academic Track Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • BCHU - Academic Track Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
  • BCAR - Arts and Design Track (ARTS)
  • BCCK - Technical, Vocational, Livelihood Track Cookery (TVL)


Home School Program

  • AC-HSP - BEU Home School Program for Grade School
  • BC-HSP - Home School Program for JHS
  • BCAB-HSP - ABM Home School Program
  • BCST-HSP - STEM Home School Program
  • BCHU-HSP - HUMSS Home School Program
  • BCAR-HSP - Arts and Design Homeschool Program

STEP 2: Pay the Admission Fee (P250) and Exam Fee (P250) at the cashier using your student application number after completing AIMS application form.
Payment Centers:

STEP 3: Upload the payment receipt via AIMS for verification (Only for Bank Payments)
Once payment is verified by the cashier, your account status will change to “Qualified for Basic Education Entrance Test” within 3 working days.

STEP 4: Take the BEU Entrance Examination.
The schedule of the exam will be communicated through AIMS by the BEU Guidance Services team.

STEP 5: Pre-registration Approval. 
Once you are done with the Entrance Exam, your status in AIMS will change to “Pre-Admission Approved”

Note: Students from SJS-LS will not undergo Entrance testing. Therefore, they should only pay P250 for the admission fee.


STEP 1: Email the letter of intent to together with the scanned copy of the Certificate of Enrollment.

STEP 2:  Wait for the log-in details to access

STEP 3:  Update all required information (personal, educational, family, others)

STEP 4:  Pay the Admission Fee (P250) and Exam Fee (P250) at the cashier using your student application number after updating AIMS account.

STEP 5: Take the BEU Entrance Examination. The schedule of the exam will be communicated through AIMS by the BEU Guidance Services team.

STEP 6:  Wait for the Admission Approval via email and enrollment schedule.




STEP 1: UPLOAD other required documents
Once the Pre-admission is approved, you can now proceed to Admission by  UPLOADING other documents in AIMS

  • Current Report Card, preferably with 2nd or 3rd Quarter grades 
  • Certificate of Good Moral
  • ESC Certificate (for Grade 8-11 ESC grantees only)

STEP 2: Self-Directed Interview.  
Upon verification of your other documents, your status in AIMS will change to “Qualified forAdmission Interview”. You will receive an email with a self-interview Google form for you to fill out.

STEP 3: Oral Reading assessment for Grades 1-3 (Primary level) only. 
The schedule of the Oral Reading will be communicated through email.

STEP 4: For Pre-Kinder and Kinder, a Readiness Test and Interview will be conducted.
Once payment is verified by the cashier, your account status will change to “Qualified for Basic Education Entrance Test” within 3 working days.

Your status will change to “Application Approved” and you will receive the admission card through email. 
***After completing the Admission requirements, wait for the Enrollment Schedule

Disclaimer: The school will evaluate the admission grade of the student once the final report card has been submitted. The school, based on the admission grade will recommend students to Academic Probation/Disciplinary Probation status before enrollment if specific standards are not met concerning academics and discipline. Please note that the school will deny enrollment to students who will be retained to any year level after the school year due to academic deficiency and grave discipline cases.





Enrollment begins on June 17, 2024

  • June 17-21, 2024: Pk-Grade3
  • June 24-28, 2024: Grade 4-Grade 6
  • July 1 -3, 2024: Grade 7- Grade 8
  • July 4-5, 2024: Grade 9 - Grade 10
  • July 8 -12, 2024: Grade 11
  • July 15 - 19, 2024: Grade 12
  • July 22 - 26, 2024: Late Enrollees


STEP 1: Submission of the hard/Physical copy of your required documents in a long brown envelope with your family name and first name written outside.

  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)
  • Certificate of Enrollment/Good Moral
  • Report Card / SF9 / Form 138
  • Undertaking
  • ESC Certificate(for Grades 8-11 ESC grantees only).  
  • Medical Certificate from the USLS Health Services for Grade 11 only
  • Physical Exam Exam and X-ray Result ( to be submitted to the University Health Services - clinic)

STEP 2: Enrollment Fee Payment. 
Payment Centers:

STEP 3: Enrollment Confirmation.
You will receive an email that you are officially enrolled within 3 working days after submission of documents and the enrollment fee. Your Class schedule may be viewed through AIMS.

STEP 4: ID capture (present screenshot/printed email that student is officially enrolled).
Surrender old ID card (for continuing student)

Please help us improve by assessing our Admission and Enrollment Process.

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Information regarding tuition fees, payment schedules, and any additional fees may be requested through the Business Office. In addition, this will also be provided to parents/guardians upon acceptance.


Should a student need to withdraw from the school, parents/guardians are required to provide written notice addressed to the Level Prefect. Withdrawal procedures and any applicable refund policies will be communicated once the request has been processed.


USLS-BEU encourages active parental involvement in the education of their children. Parents are expected to participate in school activities, parent-teacher conferences, and other collaborative initiatives. Please refer to the Admission Undertaking for more information.

NOTE: These guidelines are designed to ensure a transparent, fair, and inclusive admission and enrollment process at USLS-BEU, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment for all students.


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