University of St. La Salle

The Brothers in the Philippines

The Brothers came to the Philippines in 1911, when they were invited by the Archbishop of Manila to set up a Catholic school for the children of the upper classes in the country's capital. The Archbishop was concerned then about the growing number of American Protestant schools in the country and he sought the help of the Brothers to stem the tide of this growing influence among the children of the country's leading Families.

Although the Brothers found themselves in a situation where they were providing education for the children of the elite, they endeavored to remain true to their mission by inculcating in their students a deep concern for the plight of their less privileged countrymen. It was hoped that their Lasallian education would encourage them to utilize and develop their talents and resources in serving their nation, as they were bound to succeed their fathers in taking the helm of Philippine economic, political, and cultural life.

As the Brothers in the Philippines grew in number, and as their successes allowed, they gradually established more La Salle schools in the country, schools more directly serving the needs of the poor and underprivileged through education.


“The Brothers of the Christian Schools is a Roman Catholic religious teaching congregation, founded in France by St. John Baptist de la Salle—a priest who saw the need for a group of lay men who would dedicate their lives to the ministry of Christian education, especially for the poor. They are more commonly known as the ‘De La Salle Brothers.’” (


Photo credits: De La Salle Philippines