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Admissions for the Academic Year 2024-2025 of the University of St. La Salle Professional Schools are open and ongoing. Below are the program offerings as well as the admission steps. The schedule of opening of classes will be announced soon by the University Registrar.

Graduate School Academic Programs

Advance your career and elevate your expertise with these program offerings. 
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College of Law Programs

Live your passion for truth and justice and create better futures with our College of Law programs:

College of Medicine Program

Live your passion for healthcare and create better futures with our College of Medicine program:



Application and admission steps vary between the Graduate School, College of Law, College of Medicine. Ensure you select the correct college or program you are applying for, as requirements differ accordingly.

Graduate School

College of Law

College of Medicine


Enrollment Steps

Graduate School


Contact Information

Graduate School
 USLS Graduate School - Graduate School Management - Admission  - Enrollment
 (034) 433-1278 | (034) 432-1189 local 120

College of Law
 USLS College of Law
 432-1189 | 434-6100 local 157

College of Medicine
 USLS College of Medicine
 434-6100 local 138

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