University of St. La Salle


The University of St. La Salle Agribusiness Farm was established in 1997 after the acquisition of the Granada campus site and was the first university unit to occupy the area. The pilot area for development was initially ten (10) hectares with five (5) hectares devoted to the Agribusiness Department, to serve specifically as the practical laboratory for all Agribusiness major subjects and the other five (5) being earmarked and devoted to the use of the Negros Aqua Agri-Development Foundation Inc. or NAADI with which the University in cooperation with the Provincial Government and the Aqua Producers had a joint venture. During this period, the following activities were undertaken:

Agribusiness Farm:

  1. Establishment of the small crops section devoted primarily for the laboratory activities of
    Agribusiness subjects like Agri 103, 105, 107, 108, 110 or then respectively, Agronomy,
    Industrial Crops, Crop Protection, Horticulture and Farm Operations.
  2. Establishment of the swine herd in cooperation with our students, namely, Dave Jison,
    from whom the initial breeders were sourced. This unit was used for field exercises in
    Agri 102, 104 and 110 or Intro to ANSC, Livestock and Poultry Production and Farm
    Operations respectively.
  3. A 600 head elevated broiler house was constructed and is still in use today for Agribusiness.


  1. Construction of the building which serves as repository of training materials and as headquarters of the cooperative entity.
  2. Construction of one freshwater pond for tilapia.
  3. Acquisition of two heads cattle as nucleus animals for NAADI livelihood projects.
  4. Deep well for pond was established.
  5. Numerous training programs were done for identified beneficiaries both on site and off.