University of St. La Salle

Center for Marketing and Communications

The Center for Marketing and Communications (CMC) ideates, creates, implements, manages, recommends, and evaluates the design and conduct of all institutional online and offline messages and media administration in relation to marketing and communications, including but not limited to advertising, promotion, public relations, and publicity activities, multi-media imaging and branding initiatives, online, website and social media presence, digital, print, audio, tactile, olfactory, and other sensory materials, institutional appearances, donor, and sponsorship presentations, among others.

University Marketing and Communications Design has three components, namely: form, function, and administration. Ideating Form is the creative process involved in the fashioning of ideas, words, and crafting of messages. Building Function is form developed into messaging materials that are appropriate to the conveyed message and audience. Sustainable Administration is the messaging management systems and processes employed to ensure that both the form and function of every message reflects the Lasallian charism faith, service, and communion. The official University Style Guide as reference provides the details.
 435-6100 local 146

Mark D. Dueñas
Director, CMC

Julius L. De la Peña
Creatives and Communications Supervisor, CMC

Carl Edrian A. Calderon
Information and Web Developer, CMC

Francesca Marie Cordova
Marketing Specialist, CMC

Josiah Alecz Araneta
Multimedia Assistant, CMC