University of St. La Salle

120 USLS graduates from College of Medicine, Graduate School honored

The University of St. La Salle commemorated the graduation of 120 students from its Graduate School and College of Medicine during the 2023 Graduation Rites at the St. La Salle Coliseum on June 25.

The Graduate School witnessed 17 students earning Doctorate Degrees, while 42 students achieved Masters Degrees. Additionally, the College of Medicine presented 61 graduates.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Annabelle Balor EdD, led the Presentation of Candidates while USLS President and Chancellor, Br. Joaquin Severino S. Martinez FSC, DMin presided over the Conferment of Degrees.

The Graduation Rites also recognized Richmond Roy S. Vicente for receiving the Best Thesis Award and Alexis J. Abella for the Best Dissertation.

Meanwhile, the University, through its Board of Trustees,  conferred this year’s Fides Award to the Animator of Bahay Pag-asa Youth Center (BPYC) Br. Daniel Fenton FSC for his unwavering faith, commitment to the Church, religious education, and pursuit of peace and justice through his dedicated work at BPYC.

BPYC is a transformational facility exclusively for Children-in-Conflict with the Law  and Children-at-Risk from Negros Occidental and surrounding areas.

In his commencement speech Br. Daniel Fenton FSC thanked USLS for the recognition and urged the graduates to consider a covenant with God, emphasizing the importance of helping those in need. 

He encouraged them to engage in pro bono work, become advocates for the marginalized, and work towards making healthcare accessible to all.

“Complete your career preparations, acquire the necessary credentials, and hone your skills. But spare a little time each week for those who need your help but could never afford it. Do pro bono work, become an advocate for the poor, marginalized, or persecuted,” Fenton said. 

The Highest Academic Honor Student of the Graduate School Grace Marie T. David, and the Valedictorian of the College of Medicine Trixie P. Dueño, delivered heartfelt messages of gratitude and inspiration on behalf of the graduating class.

Vicar General Msgr. Ronaldo S. Quijano SThD bestowed his blessing upon the graduates, while Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ricver Ureta PhD facilitated the administration of the Pledge of a Lasallian Professional.

As the graduates officially joined the USLS Alumni family, Jackie Lou V. Azucena, President of the USLS Alumni Association, formally inducted them and guided them in reciting the Pledge of Loyalty.

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