University of St. La Salle

13 from USLS among 472 new chem engineers

The University of St. La Salle  is proud to announce that 13 of its takers are among the 472 out of the 801 examinees who successfully passed the May 2023 Chemical Engineers Licensure Examination, results from the Professional Regulation Commission showed.

Notably, USLS's first-time takers achieved an impressive passing rate of 80 percent, surpassing the national passing rate of 58.93 percent.

The newly licensed Chemical Engineers: Sarah Abduldayem, Raymund Aribato, John Aron Bongansiso, Emilio Buro, Jess Christian De Asis, Marchell Desolong, Jabemae Java, Glennpord Magapan, Earl John Pabular, Katrina Panabi, Arnica Jean Panzo, Alyanna Jade Pineda, and Trixia Sharmaine Trayfalgar.

The University extends its warmest congratulations to the College of Engineering and Technology, and wishes all Lasallian passers success in their professional journeys.

With a strong track record of performance in licensure examinations, the University remains dedicated to providing quality education to its students for a better future.


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