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April 2019 Certified Bookkeeper And Registered Cost Accountant Examinations Results

Results of April 2019 Certified Bookkeeper (CB, also CAT Level 1) and Registered Cost Accountant (RCA, also CAT Level 2) examinations administered by Yu An Log College of Business and Accountancy have been released with 100% and 88.10% passing rates, respectively. All 56 exam takers of Certified Bookkeeper successfully passed the exam while 37 of the 42 Registered Cost Accountant examinees made it. The college handled the review classes for both exams for two days. Qualification exam is provided by the National Institute of Accounting Technicians (NIAT) in the Philippines and is open to all students and professionals. Yu An Log College of Business and Accountancy also will soon offer CAT Level 3 examinations this 2019. Hence, those who want to complete the 3-level qualification can now push through with their plans and will be closer to becoming a member of over 100,000+ network of global professionals known as Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT). Such qualification is recognized in UK, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world. Qualifiers are advised to process their membership with NIAT within three months after results are released. The full list of passers follow:


Certified Bookkeepers Passers - Students

  1. Acebuche, Pia Mharty
  2. Albino, Eunie Lou
  3. Alerta, Rashelle
  4. Alvarez, Lesheil Kate
  5. Aying, Christine Faith
  6. Bacomo, Diego
  7. Balibalos, Karen Althea
  8. Bonghanoy, Jolina
  9. Braza, Arvilyn
  10. Cayang, Ladie Loraine
  11. Chua, Charmaine Joy
  12. Colantro, Fersie-Vele
  13. Cuison, Angelie Renz
  14. Dela Cruz, Tara Elise
  15. Dequilla, Jamie Marie
  16. Dizon, Nicol
  17. Espellogo, Erose
  18. Fajardo, Gracelyn
  19. Garmino, J-Royien
  20. Guanco, Sheena Natasha
  21. Hofileña, Danica Ann
  22. Indab, Ma. Hazel Jean
  23. Japitana, Kristine Rose
  24. Leal, Mary Colleen
  25. Lucasan, Emie Marriette
  26. Makilan, Ruby Marie
  27. Misterio, Iris Joy
  28. Mission, Rucel
  29. Mission, Mary Gracelyn
  30. Naranja, J’ Marie
  31. Panaguiton, Carlna Jean
  32. Pillado, Kamilla
  33. Ringia, Sittie Jamiah
  34. Rollo, Jhann Mae
  35. Sadio, YolaMae
  36. Sausa, Ires Lee
  37. Señoron, Chares
  38. Sepaya, Ruby Christine
  39. Suico, Aira Shane
  40. Trenuela, Ma. Carissa
  41. Trinilla, Nicole Ann
  42. Ticar, Angelica
  43. Tuya, Jheryl Rose
  44. Veniegas, Jackie Lou
  45. Villarosa, Anthea
  46. Yanos, Jennifer
  47. Ynopia, Jojilyn
  48. Zamora, Jasmine Mae


Certified Bookkeepers Passers - Professionals

  1. Ceriaco, Jeremae Ann
  2. Debil, Mariel
  3. Gay, Thea Vanessa
  4. Guiron, Stephanie
  5. Garnica, Raffy Syd
  6. Gutierrez, Mirah
  7. Villarmia, Jenelie
  8. Yude, Bianca Marie


Registered Cost Accountant Passers - Students

  1. Amodia, Janeane Marie
  2. Ape, Mariella Andrea
  3. Ayco, Mikee
  4. Bagay, Ronald
  5. Borgonia, Jollyn
  6. Cadorna, Jemar
  7. Calamba, Precious Gem
  8. Catan, Beatrice Jane
  9. Chua, Diane Alexi
  10. Chua, Mary Elizabeth Christina
  11. Deopita, Cleo Marie
  12. Delloso, Shaira Nicole
  13. Estrella, Rosebelle
  14. Gerangaya, Gian Angelo
  15. Go, Richthofen Jrich
  16. Haro, Rosequeelyn
  17. Hiponia, Jay
  18. Ibañez, Nicole
  19. Jovero, Jeazel Jean
  20. Nogalo, Keith
  21. Olea, Kimberly
  22. Ong, Micah Kristel
  23. Pilar, Jessa Kris
  24. Quiddaoen, Gianni Isaiah
  25. Romualdo, Alyssa
  26. Rostata, Famela Rose
  27. Saldajeno, Denise Angelica
  28. Severino, Larra Marie
  29. Sotero, Kezia Ember
  30. Suarnaba, Angeline
  31. Velez, Ayra Jane
  32. Villapa, Janis Ricca
  33. Zambales, Annie Cole
  34. Zapata, Jeline Hans


Registered Cost Accountant Passers - Professionals

  1. Duran, Kent Cedrick
  2. Espera, Chleo Dominique
  3. Madera, Bebelan
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