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Capturing Creativity and Crafting Connections: Bitz and Bites

In the realm where creativity meets culinary craftsmanship, "Bitz and Bites" emerges as a captivating fusion! Meet the innovative minds behind it all: Kristine Marina, a first-year BS Psychology student, and Karylle Magallanes, a passionate freshman pursuing a degree in BS Nursing. Starting as a modest venture in early August, it has quickly become a favorite among students in search of delightful treats and stylish accessories.

The formation of their entrepreneurial team wasn't a meticulously planned endeavor but rather a spontaneous burst of inspiration, which adds to the charm of their brand.

"The business started with a casual 'What if?' question we discussed last school year," they recalled. While "Bitz" showcases their artistic side, with Kristine meticulously handcrafting beads and carefully stringing gems and charms to create stylish fashion accessories, "Bites" opens the door to a world of irresistible desserts where Karylle crafts pastries that are a symphony of flavors and textures. From delicate macaroons to decadent chocolate crinkles and chewy chocolate chip cookies, "Bites" offers a tantalizing range of treats.

However, like all student entrepreneurs, this dynamic duo faced their fair share of challenges. Being first-year pre-med students, they mentioned that the demands of academic commitments left them with limited time to manage their business effectively. Nevertheless, they tackled these obstacles head-on with rigorous time management and unwavering dedication, identifying them as their most crucial driving forces.

Every entrepreneur has their unique motivation for embarking on a venture, and the same holds true for the co-owners of “Bitz and Bites.” They explained, “We decided to become student entrepreneurs to help sustain our financial needs. Additionally, our business serves as a platform for acquiring skills and gaining knowledge through hands-on experience.”

Currently, Bitz and Bites’ sales fluctuate daily, with “Bitz” selling an average of 25 pieces of accessories, each varying in price, and “Bites” selling an average of 6-12 boxes of baked goods per week, each priced at 100 PHP. Kristine and Karylle mentioned that these sales significantly assist in covering their daily expenses.

Their journey from bustling college life to crafting “Bitz and Bites” reflects their passion for community impact in a world of mass production. As you stroll through campus, the scent of freshly baked cookies and the sight of dazzling bracelets on fellow students' wrists reveal Bitz and Bites, a testament to the inspiring rise of student-run businesses driven by unwavering passion in a profit-driven world.

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