University of St. La Salle
  Photo by the University Student Government

Club Fair 2018: Cirque de Magnifique

The University Student Government (USG) launches Club Fair and Frosh Icon 2018 with magic and dreams.

The festivity was circus inspired, kicking off with the annual Club Fair themed “Cirque de Magnifique: Unravel the Magic Within” held July 24 to 26 at the USLS Parking Lot. The three-day club fair circus unraveled different events and activities such as the Club Cavalcade, wherein the different clubs paraded around the campus. This officially opened Club Fair 2018. Performances done by Ritmo Verde, Jean Baptiste Dance Company (JBDC) and the Artians Dance Squad filled the USLS Parking Lot with cheers from students. Picturesque Majeur produced 5 outputs from the different participating colleges.

The newly relaunched Frosh Icon, after a three-year hiatus, was themed “Solasta: Circus of Dreams” which glimmered the USLS Coliseum on the last day of festivities, July 27.


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