University of St. La Salle

Congratulations to all new Lasallian Registered Chemical Technicians

The University of St. La Salle College of Engineering and Technology is proud to announce our new Lasallian Chemical Technicians, namely:

  1. Abella, Maria Ysabel
  2. Alojado, Jennibeth
  3. Antonio, Prea Xeña
  4. Cabalfin, Michael
  5. Coniendo, John Carlo - 5th Placer
  6. Genita, Faye Joy
  7. Guilot, Mary Loisse
  8. Jandoquile, Neil Andy
  9. Lambating Mary Graceziel
  10. Pelayo, Shara Mae
  11. Tijing, Jester
  12. Velasco, Ma. Larjane

USLS Passing Rate:

National Passing Rate:

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