University of St. La Salle

Dean, Team Win Best Paper in Istanbul

"This is an affirmation of (me and my team’s love and esteem in and for doing research." 

Thus said College of Arts and Sciences Dean Dr. Rowena Bañes, RGC, RPsy as she acknowledges her team's victory by winning the Best Paper recognition during a paper presentation in Istanbul, Turkey recently. 

The team, she said, is made up of Doctors Calvin Dave D. Ganub, Cinderella R. Francisco, and Janne Ly C. Gilpo. 

The paper is a study of international students, as the dean noted the increase in their number through the years. 

Dr. Bañes said the study is close to the hearts of the authors because as “mental professionals, we need to insure that they will be well adjusted while being able to blend well with our school culture and traditions." 

The dean said the process involves submitting a copy of the full paper to Global Illumninators on a per invitation basis. 

The papers then undergo peer review based on relevance, quality of process, andhow it is presented during the conference.

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