University of St. La Salle

Job fair at USLS set on April 26

The University of St. La Salle is set to host a job fair aimed at guiding graduating students and alumni toward career opportunities on April 26, from 8 am to 5 pm, at the St. La Salle Coliseum.

Themed "Career Glow: Nostalgic Neon Pathways," the job fair is organized by the Career Development Centre, University Student Government, and the Center for Alumni Relations.

The job fair will offer graduating students a chance to jumpstart their careers and provide alumni with an opportunity to reconnect with the University.

Several industry partners and invited companies are set to participate in this annual event. Entry to the event requires registration and a valid ID, with gates opening at 1:30 PM for alumni.

To streamline the experience for all participants, pre-registration is required via this link:

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