University of St. La Salle

Journal of Higher Education Research - Volume 8 released

The Publication and Engagement Office of the University of St. La Salle announces its milestone as it has released Volume 8 of the Journal of Higher Education Research (JHER) ISSN 2599-4573. 

This annual scientific publication by the USLS features peer-reviewed research works from various disciplines and fields, including humanities, education, social, natural and applied sciences, nursing, engineering and technology, business and its related interface.

The journal accepts research article submissions that make contributions to interdisciplinary or applied practices. 

The JHER's contributions to interdisciplinary and applied practices have earned it a place in the Andrew Gonzales Philippine Citation Index (AGPCI). 

The University also recognizes the invaluable efforts of the Editorial Board, whose expertise and commitment have been instrumental in maintaining the journal's success.

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