University of St. La Salle
  Br. Patrick Martin, FSC

Kape with Kuya

Brew with Bro—a humble activity at the St. Br. Miguel Hall lobby that allowed the other members of the Lasallian community to get to know more about the Lasallian Brothers over a cup of coffee.

The “Kuyas” present during the coffee session were Br. Kenneth, Br. Butch, Br. Irwin, Br. Joseph, Br. Patrick, and Br. Miggy.

Br. Patrick Martin, FSC is from the USA and is currently in the country to volunteer at the Bahay Pag-asa for one month.

The young Brothers hung out with students from different levels.

A number of questions were thrown their way, which they gladly answered. Some students even had the opportunity to ask the Brothers regarding their personal lives like their favorite food and their past romances before entering their chosen vocation.

When asked, “What makes a brother a Brother?” Br. Patrick said, “Our principal role is to be a Kuya.” Br. Irwin followed up with, “More than being your teacher, we are your brother.”

As Brothers, they share everything. They eat together, pray together, and live together. To them, this is what makes a community. 

Just like everyone, the Brothers also go through the roller coaster ride of life. They recalled the challenges they each faced during their discerning process into Brotherhood. Most of them had a tough time telling their families especially their mothers. Discerning whether to go into this vocation is not a walk in the park as according to Br. Butch, “There are some things you have to consider before saying, ‘Yes.’”

The over-all vibe of the Br. Miguel lobby was youthful and fun as students and faculty enjoyed the company of the Lasallian Brothers. Laughter filled the hall as “Kuyas” fed the curiosity of the younglings.

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