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PassionWednesday ft. Athena Tashcuh Sonota

Unveiling the Cyclist's Odyssey: Athena Tashcuh Sonota's Journey to Triumph

Athena Tashcuh Sonota of Bachelor of Science in Psychology 1-E and a graduate of Liceo- De La Salle, not only conquers the complexities of schoolwork; she also navigates the open roads as a passionate cyclist, partaking in both local races and national competitions.

For Tashcuh, being a cyclist isn't just a pastime; it's a journey marked by scenic destinations, victorious milestones, and the profound lesson that hard work precedes achievement. With a sparkle in her eyes, she shares, "Before you can achieve something, you have to work hard for it, and that's what makes my journey worth pursuing."

Tashcuh's cycling adventure took root in the year 2021, a time when the world was grappling with the challenges of a pandemic. What started as a leisurely ride in her front yard quickly transformed into a passion that would open doors of opportunity. The turning point? A tune-up race called "bente-bente." It was in the heat of competition that Tashcuh discovered the fire within and decided to harness her newfound passion by acquiring a coach, a move that etched her name into the annals of cycling history.

Yet, Tashcuh's life isn't confined to the narrow saddle of a bicycle. Beyond the thrill of cycling, she finds solace and excitement in another arena—the badminton court. "Badminton has been my first sport," she states. "I've been playing it since I was just 8 years old, and it's a sport that holds a special place in my heart."

Her prowess in badminton is a testament to her versatility and the multifaceted nature of her passions. It's not just about conquering one domain; it's about embracing the full spectrum of athleticism.

For those contemplating the pursuit of their passions, Tashcuh offers a nugget of wisdom: "Never give up." Her words echo the resilience she embodies in her own journey. "Your passion and goals shouldn't be stopped by disappointments, hardships, or mental challenges you may encounter. With the support of people close to you, these challenges will help you become a better version of yourself.”

Tashcuh's path to triumph, like any great journey, is not without its challenges. The most formidable adversary she faces? The disappointment of those closest to her. "The disappointment of people who hold a special place in my heart has been one of the most challenging things I have faced as an athlete," she confides. The weight of letting down friends and family became a crucible that Tashcuh emerged from stronger. "Rather than dwelling over the situation, I should turn it into a driving force to show myself that I am capable of doing better—not just for them but for myself as well."

As Athena Tashcuh Sonota pedals through life's twists and turns, she leaves an indelible mark—a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of a true athlete. In her story, we find not just a cyclist, but a beacon of inspiration for anyone daring to chase their dreams.

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