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#PassionWednesday ft. Janna Remus

Prepare to be ignited with inspiration this #PassionWednesday as we explore the story of Janna Remus.

For Janna Remus, a Marketing Management first-year, art isn't just a hobby; it's a way of life. From sketches to paintings, she dedicates most of her time to her craft, finding solace and expression in every stroke of the brush. 

Her journey into entrepreneurship began during the pandemic when she discovered the potential of selling her art online. The concept of turning her passion into a viable source of income intrigued her, and she decided to take the plunge. Through commissions, she started saving and investing in her materials and skills, learning various techniques by herself.

The turning point in Janna's entrepreneurial journey was a post-pandemic event, a hobby convention in Bacolod. With courage and determination, she invested her entire savings to rent an artist's table and produce merchandise items. Her gamble paid off as her sales were impressive, allowing her to participate in more conventions.

Collaboration was key to her growth. Janna joined forces with her creative friends, sharing booth rental fees and helping each other navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Through university concessionaires and conventions, she invested in her micro-business called “Portraits and Calligraphies”, allocating a portion of her earnings for future expenses, high-quality printers, booth setup, and raw materials.

Balancing a burgeoning business with academic pursuits can be a daunting task, but Janna makes it seem like a walk in the park, and studying marketing has helped her improve her craft, maximizing her profits. Multitasking, strict time management, discipline in diet and exercise, and a strong support network have been her secret weapons in this balancing act.

When asked about her driving force, she says, "Art keeps my soul and emotions alive." But it's not just about personal fulfillment; it's about nurturing a thriving small business that strengthens her dedication to the creative industry.

Janna's infrequent product sales reflect her strong strategic approach as she dedicates substantial time to creating visually captivating designs that connect with her target audience. The outcome? Her products quickly sell out at conventions, expos, and even school events. For instance, during week-long events, various designs would have completely sold out, with quantities ranging from 400 to 550 button pins, 500 to 600 stickers, 200 to 250 photocards, 50 to 80 keychains, 15 to 20 bookmarks, and 2 to 5 original illustrations.

Janna has not only mastered the art of creativity but also the art of business. Her story is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring student entrepreneurs, proving that with passion, dedication, and a dash of creative flair, dreams can be transformed into reality. She's living proof that the canvas of life is much richer when painted with your passions.

In a world where many chase conventional career paths, Janna reminds us that sometimes, it's the unique and uncharted routes that lead to the most beautiful destinations.

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