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PassionWednesday ft. Joaquin Mapa

From Compassion to Commitment: The Inspiring Journey of Joaquin Placido Domingo L. Mapa

This #PassionWednesday, we shine a spotlight on the passion for volunteerism! Meet Joaquin Placido Domingo L. Mapa, a remarkable student from HUMSS 12-A of Liceo De La Salle, who has transformed his life into a whirlwind of service and compassion. From a tender age, Joaquin displayed an empathetic spirit, actively participating in relief operations for Typhoon Yolanda as a first-grader. Imagine a student embracing the rush of life, not just with school tasks but by dedicating time to help others. That's Joaquin.

His journey into social service truly began in the third grade when he joined the Boy Scouts and became a member of the USLS Acolytes. What makes Joaquin unique is his unyielding commitment to balancing service, academics, and personal life—a feat that demands remarkable discipline and dedication.

But what drives Joaquin to push the boundaries of service? He attributes his motivation to his unwavering support system, which includes his family, friends, and the Lasallian community. It's the Lasallian mission that fuels his passion, a mission for which he is deeply grateful. Joaquin's commitment to giving back is his way of repaying the kindness and support that have shaped his life.

For those inspired by Joaquin's journey, he offers this advice: "Just go for it. Take all the opportunities you can handle, and don't be afraid to start small."

He emphasizes setting both smaller and larger goals and taking moments to rejuvenate and recharge along the service journey. Joaquin Mapa's story is proof of the power of compassion and dedication, reminding us that service is not just an act; it's a way of life.

His passion for volunteerism is an inspiration to all, proving that even the youngest among us can leave a lasting impact when driven by love, compassion, and an unyielding desire to give back to the world.

Passion Wednesday
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