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#PassionWednesday with Atty. Joevel Bartolome and Atty. France Sanchez

Unveiling the Dual Dream: From Communicators to Advocates of Justice

Life is often a road where you are made to choose only one of multiple paths, but there are those who choose to traverse multiple roads, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and justice.

Meet Atty. Joevel Bartolome and Atty. France. Sanchez, two exceptional individuals who seamlessly meld their backgrounds in communication with their fervent passion for law. 

At 26, Atty. Joevel Bartolome stands as a testament to the transformative power of childhood influences. Growing up inside the walls of the Hall of Justice, she was captivated by the intricacies of the legal minds—prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges. Inspired by her mother's presence in this field, Joevel's path to law was paved with curiosity, determination, and an unwavering passion.

"When I was a little girl, I would visit the Hall of Justice and witness the pursuit of justice firsthand," Joevel reminisces. "Those experiences left an indelible mark on me, igniting a passion for law that only grew with time."

Yet, her journey was not without its trials. Balancing full-time work, rigorous studies and extracurricular commitments pushed Joevel to her limits. "I tend to take on too much," she admits. "But amidst the exhaustion, I found resilience—forging ahead with unwavering determination."

Joevel's background in AB Communication proved to be her guiding light, honing her writing and speaking skills essential for navigating the labyrinth of law. "Communication taught me adaptability and versatility—traits indispensable for a budding lawyer," she asserts.

Beyond her legal pursuits, Joevel remains grounded in her advocacy for youth empowerment through student journalism—a cause close to her heart. Her message to aspiring changemakers echoes with conviction: "Do it scared. Fear is but a stepping stone on the path to meaningful change."

For Atty. France S. Sanchez, the journey to becoming a lawyer was fueled by a childhood desire to combat injustice. Raised in an environment where social disparities loomed large, France's resolve to pursue law was unwavering.

"My parents' encounter with injustice fueled my determination to seek justice," France reflects. "AB Communication equipped me with the tools to articulate my convictions and amplify my voice."

Navigating the intricacies of law school, France encountered her greatest trial—an unexpected breakup mere weeks before the Bar Examinations. Yet, amidst personal turmoil, she found solace in her unwavering passion for justice.

"AB Communication fortified my resolve," France affirms. "It instilled in me a sense of social responsibility—a commitment to uphold justice in all its forms."

Beyond her legal endeavors, France finds solace in the art of makeup—a creative outlet that rejuvenates her spirit. Yet, her true passion lies in advocating for human rights and women's empowerment—a cause she championed since her college days.

"To the youth hesitant to enact change, I say: embrace the fear of the unknown," France urges. "True growth stems from embracing change and fostering collective action."

In closing, France offers a poignant reminder: "Life finds its meaning in the pursuit of passion. Find your 'why' and let it propel you towards a future defined by purpose and justice."

In the convergence of communication and law, Joevel Bartolome and France S. Sanchez embody the transformative power of passion and perseverance. As they tread the perilous road of justice, their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring advocates and changemakers alike. For in their pursuit lies the promise of a brighter, more just tomorrow.

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