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#PassionWednesday with Mary Therese Dy.

Harmony of Heart: Mary Therese S. Dy’s Overture of Service

Embarking on her journey rather late compared to her peers, Mary Therese Dy of Humanities and Social Sciences 12-D found herself asking a pivotal question: "If not now, then when?". A simple question that started a thread of events that would lead her to a passionate journey in her stay at Liceo. 

With an open mindset and an acceptance of inevitable mistakes, she plunged into the world of service, dedicating herself to a multitude of roles that would shape her into the dynamic individual she is today. From being a Department of Human Resources Junior Marshall to spearheading events like CLUB Expo, Hugyaw 2022, and Literary Musical 2022, Mary Therese's resume reads like a testament to her unwavering commitment.

Yet, with great service comes great challenges. Mary Therese acknowledges the inherent difficulties that come with trying to please everyone. She emphasizes the importance of using feedback, whether positive or negative, as motivation for personal growth. In a world where opinions abound, she encourages others to focus on how they carry themselves and their message, rising above the noise with resilience and determination.

At the core of Mary Therese S. Dy's extraordinary journey lies an unwavering passion for service, a flame ignited by the profound belief that true fulfillment is found in selflessly uplifting others. This passion, nurtured by her open-mindedness and resilience, has become the guiding force propelling her through the intricate tapestry of service, painting a portrait of inspiration and leaving an enduring mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to be touched by her altruism.

What keeps Mary Therese going is not merely the list of achievements on her résumé but the genuine fulfillment that stems from passion. For her, the tireless days and endless nights are worthwhile if they contribute to her own happiness and, more importantly, if they inspire and uplift those around her. Leadership, she believes, is a platform not just for personal development but a catalyst for the growth of others through shared experiences.

To aspiring students, Mary Therese offers sage advice: believe in yourself, focus on your goals amidst any circumstance, and let the fuel of passion ignite your spirit. As she continues to shape the narrative of service on her campus, Mary Therese S. Dy stands as a beacon of inspiration for those who wish to embark on a similar journey, proving that the timing of your entrance matters less than the impact you leave behind.

Passion Wednesday
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