University of St. La Salle

Soberano’s Golden Bells wins Best Short Film at 71st FAMAS

The 71st Film Academy for Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) on August 13 recognized Kurt Soberano, a graduate of the University of St. La Salle's AB Communications Batch 2013, as his film 'Golden Bells' achieved victory, securing the esteemed title of Best Short Film.

"Golden Bells" is a cinematic masterpiece that deftly portrays a family's multi-generational journey through their business ventures, spotlighting their growth, trials, and transformative experiences.

FAMAS, a prestigious institution comprising renowned writers and movie columnists, lauds exceptional contributions to Philippine cinema throughout the year.

Over time, FAMAS has honored numerous accomplished figures in Philippine cinema, including former President Joseph Estrada, acclaimed director Lino Brocka, and celebrated actress Nora Aunor.

Soberano's achievement underscores the University’s dedication to fostering artistic talent and serves as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers within the institution.

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