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USLS Animolympics highlights camaraderie, passion for sports

Camaraderie and a display of sportsmanship were at the forefront of the highly anticipated Animolympics 2024, hosted by the Higher Education Unit of the University of St. La Salle from April 15-19.

The Animolympics is the annual sports fest of the University that draws student athletes to display their passion for sports while also showcasing their colleges in competitive events.

The Yu An Log - College of Business and Accountancy secured a historic 18th overall championship title, retaining the coveted Perpetual Cup, while the College of Nursing trailed in second place.

The Animolympics is an eagerly anticipated event in every student's campus life, attracting large numbers of spectators to staple events such as the Cheer Dance competition, Animo Dance Battles, and major team sports like basketball, football, and volleyball.

Aside from sporting events, the Animolympics also culminated its year-long search for a “Lasallian Champion,” akin to a student icon of the year. The Lasallian Champion highlights various advocacy projects from selected college representatives and showcases them to the student body in a glittering culmination event at the St. La Salle Coliseum.

This year's winner is Mailyn Francisco from the College of Education. Her victory resonated deeply with the Lasallian community, as she passionately advocated for empowering indigenous people in the province to pursue education. Additionally, Mailyn hails from the indigenous Ata tribe.

Each year, the University Student Government, together with the Office for Student Affairs, works hand in hand to deliver a memorable Animolympics experience to the students, fostering unity and school spirit.

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