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USLS Ranks 7th in ECT Exams

The ECE-ECT Board Exams results has been released last October 25, 2019. The PRC or the Professional Regulation Commission released the results online four (4) working days after the board exams.

USLS garnered a 50.00% passing rate and 49.43% National Passing Rate for the ECE Examination. As announced, 2,460 out of 4,977 ECE students successfully passed the exams.

As for the ECT exams, University of St. La Salle ranked Top 7 with a passing rate of 80.00%.

Congratulations to all the Passers! Animo La Salle!


  1. Engr. Calixter John D. Advincula
  2. Engr. Christian Angelo . Amago
  3. Engr. Jenny Babe D. Alagao
  4. Engr. Jay Benedict R. Alfaras
  5. Engr. Joseph Edgar G. Aquino
  6. Engr. Jv Ian Paul A. Baje
  7. Engr. Paula Janisse A. Borja
  8. Engr. John Joseph T. Baquiano
  9. Engr. Angie D. Canones
  10. Engr. Kit Angelo A. Corsiga
  11. Engr. Louise Gabrielle N. Ebanos
  12. Engr. John Louis C. Espida
  13. Engr. Patrick Joshua C. Espina
  14. Engr. Ronel B. Gustilo
  15. Engr. Windyl John L. Hetrosa
  16. Engr. Tyrone Kevin S. Ilisan
  17. Engr. Jason B. Jalbuena
  18. Engr. Florence M. Jumayao
  19. Engr. Juan Paolo L. Kuan
  20. Engr. Kristia Marie D. Labos
  21. Engr. Angel Roseller Y. Lazaro
  22. Engr. Rey Arniel C. Linasan
  23. Engr. Lorenzo Miguel V. Montinola
  24. Engr. Blessy Joy P. Malihoc
  25. Engr. Franz Louie V. Montesa
  26. Engr. Ma Eunica Jeorgene P. Parcon,
  27. Engr. Vince Marvin S. Pama,
  28. Engr. Neri Iryl O. Reyes
  29. Engr. Matthew James J. Sandoval
  30. Engr. Frances Kyle I. Santillan
  31. Engr. Jechelle G. Serfino
  32. Engr. Ryan Paul D. Soberano
  33. Engr. Kirk Redzy E. Ubas
  34. Engr. John Paul C. Vallestero
  35. Engr. Arvel B. Vergara
  36. Engr. Vincent Luis T. Villaflor
  37. Engr. Aniel James M. Villamor
  38. Engr. Manuel Anthony D. Yu




  1. Calixter John D. Advincula, ECT
  2. Jenny Babe D. Alagao, ECT
  3. Renz Andrei H. Alambra, ECT
  4. John Joseph T. Baquiano, ECT
  5. Kenneth Clark Y. Belnas, ECT
  6. Paula Janisse A. Borja, ECT
  7. Corban G. Borce, ECT
  8. Angie D. Canones, ECT
  9. Othello L. Casugod, ECT
  10. Kit Angelo A. Corsiga, ECT
  11. Mary Grace P. Cortezano, ECT
  12. Jessica Camille A. Dellima, ECT
  13. John Louis C. Espida, ECT
  14. Louise Gabrielle N. Ebanos, ECT
  15. John Eric L. Esporas, ECT
  16. Marnie L. Esporas, ECT
  17. Alaric M. Gallego, ECT
  18. Christine Mae Y. Hachero, ECT
  19. Windyl John L. Hetrosa, ECT
  20. Tyrone Kevin S. Ilisan, ECT
  21. Jason B. Jalbuena, ECT
  22. Kathryn A. Jambonganan, ECT
  23. Florence M. Jumayao, ECT
  24. Lorievale A. Juance, ECT
  25. Juan Paolo L. Kuan, ECT
  26. Kristia Marie D. Labos, ECT
  27. Angel Roseller Y. Lazaro, ECT
  28. Alva John T. Lacuesta, ECT
  29. Rey Arniel C. Linasan, ECT
  30. Robert Dale N. Lau, ECT
  31. Franz Louie V. Montesa, ECT
  32. Lorenzo Miguel V. Montinola, ECT
  33. Blessy Joy P. Malihoc, ECT
  34. Ma Eunica Jeorgene P. Parcon, ECT
  35. Vince Marvin S. Pama, ECT
  36. Michelle H. Pido, ECT
  37. Neri Iryl O. Reyes, ECT
  38. Jechelle G. Serfino, ECT
  39. Ryan Paul D. Soberano, ECT
  40. Matthew James J. Sandoval, ECT
  41. Clement Vincent P. Saril, ECT
  42. Kimberly Joyce P. Tabora, ECT
  43. Sarah Grace P. Tasic, ECT
  44. Kirk Redzy E. Ubas, ECT
  45. Vincent Luis T. Villaflor, ECT
  46. John Paul C. Vallestero, ECT
  47. Melvin Dave C. Vargas, ECT
  48. Nicho L. Villaruel, ECT
  49. Kent T. Walawad, ECT



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