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USLS Sweeps Top Honors at the 14th National Food Showdown - Cebu Goes Culinary 2023

Cebu City, Philippines - In a spectacular display of culinary excellence, the Yu An Log College of Business and Accountancy - Hotel Management (HM) of the University of St. La Salle (USLS) soared to new heights at the 14th National Food Showdown - Cebu Goes Culinary 2023, held from September 29 to October 1, 2023, at SM Seaside City, Cebu. Organized by the Hotel Resort & Restaurant Association of Cebu Inc. (HRRAC), this prestigious event witnessed USLS clinching the highest awards across various categories.

In the fiercely competitive category of KLASIKA/MODERNA KULINARYA – CHEF WARS, USLS emerged victorious with a resounding Gold Medal. The culinary geniuses behind this triumph were Nikolai Adrian Bautista, Rham Arguelles Siason, and Czarina Marie Ballesteros, coached by the talented Ms. Mariver E. Lorilla, MSHRM. 

USLS continued its winning streak with a sole Gold Medal in the category of BEST REGIONAL INGREDIENT – BAGOONG. Leyanne Dean Ortega and Keith Asher Mallo, guided by Coach Ms. Mariver E. Lorilla, MSHRM, showcased their exceptional culinary skills to secure this prestigious award.

The talented team of Herl Jericho Lagalagot, Miguel Angelo Demonteverde, and John Mark Graf exhibited their creativity and artistry in the Themed Table Setting – REGIONAL BISAYA category, earning USLS yet another Gold Medal. Their coach, Dr. Ostein Earn Gemotea, played a crucial role in their success. 

USLS's dominance extended to the field of FLAIRTENDING – REGIONAL BISAYA SPIRIT and COCKTAIL MIXOLOGY - REGIONAL BISAYA LIQUOR. Justin Alipoon, under the guidance of Coach Kent Kevin Novillas, MHM, stood out as the sole Gold Medalist in Flairtending, while Frances Jae Aleygayda secured the Highest Silver Medal in Cocktail Mixology. 

The success story continued with USLS securing the Highest Silver Medal in MOCKTAIL MIXOLOGY - REGIONAL BISAYA FRESH FRUIT. Huns Mahinay, under the mentorship of Coach Kent Kevin Novillas, MHM, showcased impressive mixology skills that earned commendation. 

This remarkable achievement was made possible through the unwavering dedication and passion of the coaches and students of USLS. Their relentless pursuit of culinary excellence illuminated the path to success. 

The faculty, coaches, and students at USLS are now a shining source of inspiration for their peers, setting a high bar for culinary prowess. With each achievement, they encourage others to break boundaries and strive for greatness in the field of Hotel Management. As the University of St. La Salle continues to raise the bar in culinary excellence, they proudly proclaim their motto, "LOUD, HM PROUD!" These accomplishments reaffirm their commitment to their passions and serve as a testament to the Lasallian spirit of dedication and excellence.




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