University of St. La Salle

USLS forges academic ties in South Korea

A dedicated team of administrators from the University of St. La Salle is currently on a five-day business trip in South Korea from September 18 to 22 to forge partnerships with Korean universities.

Under the leadership of University President Br. Joaquin Severino Martinez FSC, the USLS delegation is determined to establish meaningful connections with esteemed Korean universities in at least five cities in South Korea.

The aim is to foster collaboration in essential areas, including student and faculty exchanges, research and publication endeavors, innovative teaching and learning, overseas community engagement, and language learning programs.

Aside from the University President, also joining the USLS delegation are Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Annabelle Balor, Vice Chancellor for Administration Dr. Stephanie Calamba and Professional Schools deans.

“This strategic initiative aligns with the standards for higher education institutions with highest level of PAASCU accreditation at Level IV”, Dr. Balor said.

Beyond formalities, the USLS delegation represents a sincere commitment to building academic bridges, enhancing students' educational experiences, and promoting international cooperation in the educational sphere.

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