University of St. La Salle

USLS gets 100% passing rate in ChemTech board exam

All 27 takers from the University successfully passed the December 2023 Chemical Technician Licensure Exam, with two emerging as topnotchers, results released by the Professional Regulation Commission showed.

The USLS topnotchers are Drexel John Amit, securing the 4th spot with a rating of 91.00%, and Andrea Nicole Farol, clinching the fifth place with a rating of 90.50%.

The recent national passing rate for the board exam is 82.86 percent.

The Lasallian passers include: Drexel John Amit, Mary Johanne Phen Bergavera, Myka Marie Deriada, Marchell Desolong, Japhia Jeanne Dionson, Andrea Nicole Farol, James Carl Garsula, Zayra Gem Gellado, Ynickho Gensoli, Josh Ezra Guintos, Via Josephine Guintu, Shannel Jardinel, Joyce Marie Java; Leona Grace Labrador, Fritz Licañel, Sanne Marie Mahilum, Jun Suzette Melocoton, John Vincent Millarez, Eina Marrie Nebit, Samantha Joy Quirogo, Iza Louise Ramos, Daniel Salgo, Rensu John Saligo, Jelliane Jean Semaning, John Patrick Tagle, John Albert Villarosa, Justin Daniel Villutura.

This outstanding achievement not only reflects the dedication and hard work of the graduates but also underscores USLS's commitment to providing top-notch education in the field of Chemical Technology.

Kudos to these new Lasallian Chemical Technicians and to the College of Engineering and Technology.


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