University of St. La Salle

USLS honors Yu An Log with Signum Lasallianum Award

The University of St. La Salle, through its Board of Trustees, honored businessman and philanthropist Yu An Log with the Signum Lasallianum Award in an intimate and meaningful ceremony held at the Sugarland Hotel on Feb. 23.

The Signum Lasallianum Award, an institutional recognition by USLS, is conferred upon individuals or institutions that have positively impacted the Lasallian community and inspired others to embody the ideals of its founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle.

The award also highlighted Mr. Yu An Log's exemplary contribution to Philippine education and the Lasallian Mission as a whole.

USLS President Br. Joaquin Severino Martinez FSC, together with Chancellor Minnie Chua, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Roberto Magalona and Corporate Secretary Gina Martin, led the conferment witnessed by members of the Yu family, administrators, faculty, staff, and scholars from the YAL-CBA.

"We are honoring a man who has dedicated his life to philanthropy, giving back to the community, and sharing simple yet noteworthy values, not just within his family but with everyone he connects to," Br. Martinez said.

This acknowledgment follows the 2018 renaming of the USLS College of Business and Accountancy in honor of Mr. Yu An Log and his family's substantial contributions, including in the areas of scholarships, advancement of facilities, and faculty development.

The award ceremony coincided with the 6th Yu An Log College of Business and Accountancy Lecture Series hosted by YAL-CBA.

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