University of St. La Salle

USLS to host 30th PSM reg’l convention, scientific meet from Oct. 19-20

The University of St. La Salle is set to host the 30th Annual Regional Convention and Scientific Meeting of the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM) – Visayas Chapter at the Sanctuario de La Salle from October 19-20.

The event will bring together a diverse array of microbiology experts, researchers, educators, and industry practitioners from the public and private sectors in the Visayas Region.

The highlight of the convention is the distinguished keynote speaker, Dr. Stanley Maloy, renowned microbiologist and representative from the American Society for Microbiology.

Dr. Maloy will share his insights alongside ten Plenary speakers and three contributed speakers, all recognized for their contributions to the field of microbiology.

This lineup promises a wealth of knowledge and expertise for all attendees. Under the theme "MASSKARA! Microbial Adventures: Synthesis, Structure, and Knowledge for Advancement in Research and Applications," the convention draws inspiration from the lively Masskara Festival celebrated by the people of Bacolod.

This theme underscores the immense importance of microbiology and its broad applications across various fields.

In a testament to the USLS's commitment to the field, three esteemed faculty members from the Natural Sciences Department have been elected as Officers of the PSM Visayas Chapter for the current year.

Ms. Lilian Planella assumes the role of President, Dr. Joval Martinez as Vice President, and Dr. Eva Grace Chavez as Recording Secretary.

The Natural Sciences Department and the College of Arts and Sciences, led by Dean Dr. Rowena V. Banes, along with several partner companies, join hands with the PSM Visayas Officers in extending a warm welcome to all guests and participants from across the region.

The 30th PSM-Visayas Chapter Convention and Scientific Meeting promises to be a knowledge-enriching experience, promoting collaboration and excellence in microbiology.

All interested individuals, including microbiologists, researchers, scientists, educators, students, and industry practitioners, are encouraged to participate in this event.

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