University of St. La Salle
  Class of 1968 touring the university

Welcome Home: Celebrating the Golden Jubilarians of the Class of ‘68

“Dumduman mo pa ko?”

“Do you still remember me?”

The Museo De La Salle Bacolod was filled with reminiscing and laughter as classmates from years ago saw each other again at their “home.”

The Class of 1968 were reunited for the celebration of their batch’s Golden Jubilee.

Graduates of grade school, high school, and college class of 1968 were given a tour of the university by student volunteers, to look back on the memories they have made when they walked the grounds as students themselves.

They visited the locations of where their old classrooms used to be and laughed among themselves as they recalled funny mischiefs they have done before.

After the campus tour, the alumni proceeded to the Santuario De La Salle for “Brew with Bro: President’s Hour for Class 1968 Golden Jubilarians.”

Vice Chancellor for Mission and Development, Mr. Geoffrey Bob Bergante welcomed the former students with his warm greetings.

He thanked the guests for their presence and put an emphasis on the importance of the alumni. In his words, “The alumni community is vital and influential to the bigger community. Thank you for your time, talent, and treasure.”

“May the Animo continue to guide us as we continue to teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives,” he ended his message.

President and Chancellor, Br. Joaquin Severino Martinez, FSC introduced himself to the Jubilarians and shared a video about the University of St. La Salle.

He followed this with updates on the developments on-campus both physical and internal.

“We have a great mission that remained unchanged—to educate the young people and provide them with values to become good and competent Lasallians,” he shared.

Br. Kenneth added, “The values of La Salle remained constant; we just express it in different ways, allowing more students to experience that education is not only for today but for the future.”

The event was simple yet meaningful as it connected the past and the present, paving a way for a brighter and stronger future for the university. Moments like this resonate and affirm our identity as Lasallians. We are one La Salle and together we share the mission that the Founder has instilled in our hearts.


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